Review: ‘Girl Meets World’ pilot

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I honestly have been waiting for this show since the announcement of the spin-off series to 90’s show Boy Meets World. They brought Cory and Topanga Matthews (Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel) back and are giving us a conclusion to their lives – they have been living happy in New York with their two children, Riley (Rowan Blanchard) and Auggie (August Maturo), Now, it’s time to pass on the torch to Riley and make it her world.

The pilot of Girl Meets World shows the beginnings of Riley Matthews trying to discover who she is and who she wants to become. All this, with the help from her best friend, bad girl Maya Hart (Sabrina Carpenter). Sound familiar? It should… and it’s wonderful! I think this generation of kids needs a Riley Matthews to grow up with.

girl meets world

Blanchard has been cast perfectly as Riley. She does look like a mixture of the Cory and Topanga (the hair)- including her expressions. All her silly reactions reminded me of Savage’s early days as Cory. Carpenter (aka, the new Shawn Hunter) shows a lot of promise in this character. Maya comes from a broken home and we will be seeing a lot of range in Carpenter’s acting. Savage returns strong in this show. Of course, he’s still the goofy, curly-haired Cory Matthews we know and love, but he’s grown up a lot. He’s a teacher and, we learned, is the new Mr. Feeny.

The show had a lot of laughs during the pilot, especially from newcomer Cory Fogelmanis who plays class geek, Farkle. Yes, he is the new Minkus. Other than Blanchard and Carpenter, he is definitely going to be the breakout star from this show.

girl meets world

The show isn’t all just laughs. Like Disney fashion, we have to learn lessons from each episode and we do. It pulls at our heart strings and reminds us of the time we were still trying to discover ourselves. After watching the pilot, all the warm thoughts and nostalgia of a good, family show came back. It brings a lot of nostalgia for Boy Meets World fans and is still fresh for the tweens/teens.

I’m really excited about the Girl Meets World. It’s not just for kids/teens anymore. It’s for everyone who wants to be part of the Matthews family.

Bravo, Disney Channel. Bravo.

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