Hyrule Warriors has a release date


The folks over at Team Ninja (Ninja Gaiden) and the people at Omega Force (Dynasty Warriors) are coming together to bring you a Zelda game like no other Zelda game with Hyrule Warriors. This will be a hack and slash game starring our very own hero, Link. Picture a gameplay of Dynasty Warriors with characters from Zelda and in the setting of the Zelda universe.

This has Link fighting alongside Hylian knights against some familiar faces from previous Zelda games, like fire-breathing King Dodongo and the shield carrying lizard knights from Ocarina of Time. In the new issue of Famitsu, it reveals that this game will be due out for the WiiU on August 14th of this year. So far this date is only for Japanese release, with no news on Western release.

We’ll keep you up to date with more news as they come out. Take a look at the trailer release late last year by Nintendo.

Source: RocketNews24

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