Mugen Souls Z Review – May the Moé be with you


As the self proclaimed “Overwhelming Beautiful Ultimate Undisputed God of the Universe,” Chou-Chou continues her quest to conquer anything and everything she wants in Mugen Souls Z, a sequel to 2012’s Mugen Souls. She has decided that the seven worlds aren’t enough for her and hears about another universe that has twelve worlds. She decides to travels with her peons to conquer them quickly, but her desire to conquer everything gets her in trouble. It’s a brand new adventure full of silliness, action, and tons of Moé.

Developed by Compile Heart, Mugen Souls Z will be very familiar to returning players since the game uses pretty much everything from the first game like the graphics, battle system, Moé system, and create a character system. For new players you might get a bit lost when older characters are introduced, but overall the game is easily enjoyable and easy to play.


Chou-Chou travels to the new universe and is “welcomed” by a mysterious girl who warns them to turn back. Never one to listen, she decides to engage the enemy. After the battle Chou-Chou lands on a new world, and at this time Syrma, the mysterious girl, wakes up from a coffin with no recollection of why she was sleeping in there for a long time. Chou-Chou ends up getting a little too nosy and gets sucked into the coffin, causing her powers to be drained and her to shrink. While she can still transform into her other Moe forms, they don’t have the same effect. She forces Syrma to fight instead and use her powers so that Chou-Chou can be restored to her glorious self. Syrma can gain powers of Moé, but she can only do it physically, since she retains her normal persona in each form.


Compile Heart made the game pretty simple so that new and old fans can jump right in after a little training. There are 12 fully-explorable 3D worlds to explore including dungeons.

The battle is a pretty standard turn-based RPG battle. Touch an enemy and you fight, and if an enemy touches you from behind, they get to attack first. In battle you have up to four characters at a time with reserves in the back. The battle maps are large screens where characters can move around in a limited space, and when you switch out characters you can double the space moved.

The Mugen Zone returns with a few changes. It’s a great place to level up your characters outside of traveling the world. The further down you go the bigger percentage boost you gain. The enemies get tougher the further you go in and different routes will be available as you gain tickets. The Mugen field also has a specialized shop which allows you to upgrade skills, raise your max level, add defense slots and even unlock job classes for created characters.


Mugen Souls Z allows you to buy, create and find accessories and outfits for all your character, male or female. Yes, you’ll be able to have the men in dresses with pretty bows or make them look dapper in suits.

The story is told mainly using still images with text, but while the characters are cute and well detailed, there is quite a bit of fan service moments. Overall the bright and silly artstyle really make the game visually enjoyable to watch, along with the unlockable artwork which can be purchased in the Mugen Field shop. The soundtrack is so-so, since I did prefer the original one more, as it was more memorable. The game also features dual audio, which is always a plus since I am not too keen on English voices in most Japanese games. With that said Johnny Yong Bosch still does a funny job of playing the perverted Ryuto.

Final Reactions

The game is everything an RPG fan can enjoy. Mugen Souls Z offers a very silly but well written story focused on Chou-Chou, who wants nothing more than to be idolized, and does so by trying to rule the universe.


Mugen Souls Z is a pretty straightforward game. Even though it tends to be linear, it is still a hard game. The game gets very repetitive in your battle actions, so luckily you can speed things up by turning off the animations or just simply skip them to get back in the story.

Rating: 4/5 Atoms

NR 4 Atoms - B

Mugen Souls Z
DeveloperCompile Heart
Publisher: NIS America
System: PlayStation 3
Price: $49.99 Standard Edition, $69.99 Limited Edition
Coming May 20th

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