May’s Nerd Block great for Star Wars & Spider-Man fans

After receiving the first Nerd Block back in March, I was instantly hooked on the monthly subscription mystery box dedicated to nerds (check out the review here). There are a couple out there including Loot Crate, but for me, the added value is what I like about Nerd Block, since each box always comes with a cool t-shirt.

nerd block May

May’s Nerd Block is dedicated to Star Wars and Spider-Man fans. The thing that keeps me coming back are the t-shirts, and for this month, we get a cool Star Wars/Game of Thrones mashup with the “Fett Is Coming” t-shirt.

The second Star Wars item is the Star Wars Papercraft Playset. It’s paper, and you construct a playset including characters and set from the Star Wars universe. (No scissors and glue needed.) You can build the famous Empire Strikes Back scene where Han Solo gets frozen in carbonite in Cloud City or the Luke vs. Darth Vader fight scene in Cloud City. Characters include Luke, Han, Leia, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Chewie and Lando.

The third Star Wars item is the Star Wars plush. I received the Darth Vader version, and it’s cute.

With Spider-Man making waves with the recently released movie and Peter Parker returning in the comic world, the box includes the exclusive Fan Expo/Nerd Block variant of The Amazing Spider-Man #1. It’s a thick book that also includes many other tales in the Spidey and Marvel universe.

Last but not least is the Super Mario Bros Danglers. We received the Mario and Yoshi one (which I think is the best one). There are 6 collectible danglers, and opening them up will reveal which one you got. Snap them anywhere.

An odd little addition is the Stick-It Pad. It’s not your normal item for the Nerd Block package, but it comes in pretty handy when you need to have something stick in place. For example, you can use the pad on your dashboard and stick your phone on top. You can also use it to keep your collectibles in place.

Overall I’m very happy with my subscription. Nerd Block isn’t afraid to give you top-tier characters, since I received Mario, Darth Vader, Boba Fett and more. The subscription varies depending on country, but the U.S. subscription will cost you $19.99 plus shipping. For more info, visit

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