Is Godzilla real? Some people on Hollywood Blvd thought so

lie witness news godzilla

In a new edition of Lie Witness News, Jimmy Kimmel and his team took to the streets of Hollywood and insinuated to unsuspecting people that Godzilla was based on a real event. The question reads, “Considering Godzilla is based on the true story of the giant lizard attack on Tokyo that killed more than 100,000 people in 1954, do you think it is wrong that Hollywood glamorizes this event for entertainment?”

Some of the responses were just priceless, especially the girl at the end, who Kimmel later had brought into the audience.

Leave it to Jimmy Kimmel to provide us with entertainment that makes fun of people who are clueless (but still allow him to put it up for millions to see.)

Just to be politically correct, Americans aren’t stupid. We just don’t do our research.

And by the way, Titanic was not real.



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