Hugh Jackman wants Old Man Logan and wants to fight the Hulk!


There has been a lot of speculation lately regarding Hugh Jackman’s future with the Wolverine franchise. We do know he is at least doing one more Wolverine movie, but what could it be? Well based on what I have been seeing I am going to think that it could be a mixed rendition of Old Man Logan.

Old Man Logan was an 8-issue storyline by Mark Millar where in the future all the super villains banded together and took out all the good guys. A few survived including a nearly neutered Wolverine who says he will never pop his claws again. He lives in the land ruled by the Hulk family and has his own family who he takes care of by farming. Eventually an old friend, aka Hawkeye, asks Logan for some help and along the way you learn what happened to the other heroes, and Logan doesnt’ want to go back to being Wolverine.

This is definitely one of my favorite comic book arcs ever and yeah we know, Disney, Fox, and Sony don’t really fully cooperate. But then again we did see an X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer as the mid-credits scene of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. And how many times has Hugh Jackman and Andrew Garfield stated they wanted to be in The Avengers? Again Hugh Jackman recently stated in an interview with IGN that he wanted to be in The Avengers and fight toe to toe with the Hulk. Sounds familiar right, but will Hugh Jackman be interested in an Old Man Logan storyline?

In an SFX Interview Hugh Jackman was asked and responded with:

“Well, of course we’re looking at Old Man Logan, because that may be the only option left at this point! [laughs] We are looking at a lot of different storylines. No one has jumped out. You can tell from my answer that we’re still working it out. I’m working with Jim Mangold, which is exciting. Jim came on board The Wolverine after Darren [Aronofsky] left, so he inherited it. And of all the things that Jim can do, one of the great things he does is develop scripts. I’m excited to see what we can come up with, but I haven’t signed on. I’m genuinely at that point where unless it’s better than the last one I’m not going to do it.”

And in another interview which you can see below, he was asked about what Wolverine story he would like told.

“Yeah there is another one we are looking at which I don’t want to tell you because we’re actually working on it but as soon as I can I will but I’m working on that with Jim Engel and I’m really excited with the direction we’re going in. Again it takes Wolverine in a completely different head space, world space, in every way somewhere different that you haven’t seen before. So you know those are some of the requirements for me and obviously be a great script and something, you know, I think surprising.”

Again this is all speculation, but with Disney now as “The Watcher” of all things Marvel, they might be able to make this all happen someday and give us the Wolverine tie-in story that we deserve. Heck they could even focus on the now expanded X-Men universe characters and maybe some purely Marvel-owned characters. Either way this excites me that Hugh Jackman has even admitted the Old Man Logan storyline has been talked about and should give you all hope that a possible all Marvel movie tie-in could be in the works.

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