DOTA2 International Championships reach $6 million prize pool and growing

While I may not be the most active DOTA 2 player on the planet, I’ve gotten quite a few matches in recently, just for fun. Little did I know, my attention should have been turned to this now emerging Goliath. While League of Legends may have secured its spot as “The Chosen MOBA,” Riot just got ganked. Hard.


As of last night, The International DOTA2 Championships prize pool hit 6 million dollars and is continuing to grow. Players can help continue the growth of this prize pool by purchasing their own “Compendium” for $9.99. $2.50 of the purchase will be going directly to the growth of the prize pool. Players who purchase their Compendium also receive a plethora of bonuses which increase as the prize pool does. Get yours now at The DOTA2 Home Site.

With this being the largest prize pool ever offered in gaming history, will we see Riot following suit? Having to shell out $6+ millions seems like it’s excessive. The communities have spoken, and now it’s time to raise the stakes. Best of luck to all participating. Sometimes, I really do with that I was a 17-year-old Korean kid.

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