Alienware’s Steam machine a gamble?

alienware-steam-boxValve’s Steam Machine is a PC with a Valve-purposed Linux OS that you connect directly to your TV. And like your video game consoles, you use a gamepad to play your games on it. Dell, the parent company of Alienware, and several other PC manufacturers are going to be making these new gaming boxes.

As of yet we still have no pricing for Alienware’s system, but in an interview this week, General Manager of Alienware Frank Azor said, “It’s going to be very challenging.” He continued, “This will absolutely be the least profitable system we ever sell.” So to stay competitive it will probably have a very low price point on the entry level system to try and sell more quantity, something Dell would very much enjoy.

With over 50 million Steam users, PC manufactures want to take a slice of that pie. Companies like Alienware may not make top dollar like the rest of their PC lineup, but if successful they may be outselling the competition by trying to sell to every gamer’s budget. With systems releasing this year we’ll soon know if this was a gamble or a very calculated move.

Source: The Wall Street Journal via Joystiq

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