The 11 best responses: Remove one letter from a game title, what’s the new plot?

mortal kombat friendship

A most spectacular event happened under the radar about two weeks ago, and we’ve been watching it every day since its inception.

Reddit user FlamingBagOnDoorstep posted to self.AskReddit:

Remove one letter from a game title, what’s the new synopsis?

The gaming community is a comical bunch, though of course, maybe we are the only ones who would find this humorous. Check out the top 11 suggestions that we found too funny to be buried in the comments:

ColLeslieHapHapablap: Moral Kombat. The game that teaches kids the difference between right and wrong and provides role models on how to be upstanding citizens. Starring Shao Kahn. *BEFRIEND HIM!

MadRedMC: Star Wars Battlefont. The epic galactic war of Calibri and Verdana fighting the evil Comic Sans Lords.

amgoingtohell: Titnfall. Grab boob. Fall over.

lets_go_pens: Watch Dos. You just open DOS and watch it.

Phallic: Final Fantas. Can you hold onto your last few orange sodas until the pizza arrives?

theatreofpain: Left or Dead. You can go left or you can die.
*Bonus addition by hawaiianjoey: So… NASCAR?

nascar no right turns

smellslikeair: Alf Life. Same story as Half Life, but Gordon Freeman is replaced by Alf.

zachbooradley: BiShock. You are shocked to learn that you are bisexual and you have to learn how to cope with your newfound sexuality.

yes_oui_si_ja: Half Lie 3. The story of a game being published in a nearby future.

EnderBoy: Super Mario Bro. Pretty much the same thing, but f*ck Luigi.

Baddiemcnoskill: Star Wars: Jedi Night Academy. Unable to take time from your busy day, you must take night classes to become a Jedi.

And just to throw in our own responses to this thread:

Adam: Age of Emires. A strategy and resource management title where you find creative ways to spend daddy’s oil money.

Dark Sous 2. Braving the kitchen is no easy feat. Praise the Florescence!

Me: Fatal Fame. Survive the horror that is Hollywood, sex and drugs.

Mario Gol. Mario and friends play soccer in Brazil.

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