Watch Dogs console version dubbed ‘Welfare Edition’


So not only has the first review of Watch Dogs gone up WAY before its official release date, one website in particular is calling the console version the “welfare” edition and if you want resolutions higher than 780-900p, get it for the PC. Ouch.

But you really have to check out that end paragraph at the bottom of the article calling the console versions the welfare edition:

“On the bright side, at least you can see that the Xbox One version – running at the refugee resolution of 792p, imported from the far-off land of desperation and try-hardness – doesn’t look quite as bad as many of us may have been expecting. It’s no miracle machine, of course, and it certainly doesn’t hold a candle to something like Star Citizen or Black Desert Online, but it looks good enough. I mean, that’s assuming meager performance and sub-standard quality is your cup of tea. Then again, if you live in America and vote, you’re probably already used to it”

Raise the shields!

Raise the shields!

Source: CinemaBlend

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