Let’s Play DreadOut!

DreadOut ASurvival horror games are tried and true territory for Let’s Play enthusiasts; there’s just something about seeing another person scream like a little girl or surge at a jump scare that makes us giddy. So when I got my hands on a review copy of Digital Happiness’ new game, DreadOut, the demo of which was already making the Let’s Play rounds, I thought “why not throw myself into the fray?”

DreadOut, which was released today on Steam, is a third person supernatural horror game where you play as Linda, a high school girl trapped in an abandoned town set in Indonesia. Armed with her trusty smartphone, she will battle against terrifying encounters and solve mysterious puzzles which will ultimately determine her fate. The game is heavily inspired by the Fatal Frame series, which also feature young female protagonists in ghost town settings who battle ghosts and solve puzzles using an enchanted camera.

As you can see, the game did get me good a few times, and we’re only getting started. If you’d like to see more from DreadOut, keep your eyes open for my up-and-coming review, and if you liked the Let’s Play, let me know and I may consider posting more footage of the game. In the meantime, I think I’m going to relax with something a little more soothing…

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