Check out CW’s Fall Schedule

The-CW-logo__140313224549So the CW is quickly becoming one of my favorite channels, next to the Food Network and ESPN, of course. With it feeling like a better version of the Sci-Fi channel as of late, I seem to tune in just about everyday to catch the latest in their Sci-Fi/Fantasy fiction arsenal. The Fall schedule has been released and I just cant wait! Shows you love are coming back or changing times, and new shows have been added to give you more. All in all, its going to be tough to go out at night.



8-9 PM – The Originals
The spin-off of Vampire Diaries will be back for another season of good ole’ fashion neck biting on a new night!


9-10 PM – Jane the Virgin
New to the team, this show is about a virgin woman that gets pregnant. Now where have I heard that before?


8-9 PM – The Flash
DC keeps rolling along with their super heroes. Joining the Green Arrow on the small screen now is Barry Allen aka The Flash. I think this show will get popular in a (wait for it) Flash.


9-10 PM – Supernatural
Seems like Supernatural will never leave and I just might be alright with that. Sam and Dean are back to take on the Ghostbusters… Wait no.


8-9 PM – Arrow
Arrow has been a nonstop thrill ride for me. With the Flash spinning from it, I think DC will now flood the show with even more DC costumed characters than before. Is “Nerdgasm” real cause I think I just had one


9-10 PM – The 100
100 or so hot people on a planet of undiscovered terror? You had me at 100.


8-9 PM – The Vampire Diaries
This ain’t Twilight, but you might find some similarities… The Vampires really.


9-10 PM – Reign
Reign feels like the History Channel’s version of Game of Thrones. I might have just talked myself into watching it!


8-8:30 PM – Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Four comedians, a host, and audience participation. What do you get? At least 22 minutes of laughter

8:30-9 PM – Whose Line Is It Anyway? (Encore Episode)

9-10 PM – America’s Next Top Model
Back to run the catwalk, ANTM will put all the contestants in a gladiator pit and have them fight to the death, while posing for pictures. Be honest if that was real you’d watch.

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