Roland Emmerich plans to see the new Godzilla


Just uttering the name Roland Emmerich is likely enough to get you mauled by angry Godzilla fans. The 1998 Godzilla director recently revealed on Twitter that he does plan to see Gareth Edwards’ film. It is kind of hard not to compare the two, being the only two American Godzilla films ever made.

While mister Emmerich may not want to compare the two films, that’s certainly not going to stop fans, and it definitely isn’t going to stop me. Reviews have been piling in for the film all week since its Red Carpet Premiere on last Thursday. You can read our “5/5” review here! Reviews at first seemed like a mixed bag, but after a while it seems like it was a general consensus that the film what indeed as good as fans had hoped it would be. Godzilla is currently sporting fresh 85% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which sadly cannot be said for Emmerich’s 1998 film.

godzilla rotten tomatoesSeems like Roland can be pretty testy when fans mention the film to him on Twitter. I’m beginning to wonder if this will be a continuing trend in the upcoming weeks.

True, the film was a financial success, but ask any fan and they will more likely open up into a 4-hour rant about how much they hated the movie. Even Toho hated the film so much so they killed Roland’s design of the Godzilla in their movie. I am interested to see what Roland thinks of the film. Hopefully we will find out later this week.

Godzilla stomps his way into theaters on May 16th this Friday!

Sorry, I’m not sorry. 😛

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