Interview with DC writer Marc Andreyko on Batwoman

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Nerd Reactor got a chance to chat with writer Marc Andreyko of DC’s Batwoman at WonderCon. He gave us a sneak peek about what’s to come!

So you are relatively new.

Marc: My sixth issue and the annuals are out! I’ve written over 200 pages on her so far.

What can we expect?

Marc: Well Batwoman, you know, is going to explore places in Gotham that the other Bat-titles didn’t, like the darker places in Gotham and the corners that you need to shed a light on. It’s like a supernatural noir. Also there will be a lot of exploring on Kate’s character and who she is.

In the recent issues, she started seeing a psychiatrist because Maggie, her fiance, said, “Look, I’m a cop. Whenever I fire my gun once, the department makes us go talk to a shrink. You’ve lost your sister and mother in front of you when you were little. You got kicked out of West Point. You’re an openly gay woman. All these things. You’ve carried that cross yourself for so long that you need to talk to someone. There’s no shame or weakness in talking to a professional. If you have strep throat and I gave you penicillin, you’re not weak, and I’ve never really seen the exploration of PTSD in super heroes. We’ve seen the Joker crazy, or Batman mad, but we haven’t seen, you know, this kind of trauma. It builds up in you.” The way she’s gotten through this thus far is she internalized it. So to me it’s just logical, and it’s a storyline I wanted to see as a reader. That’s why I’m writing it.

So much to explore. I mean a super hero going to therapy.

Mark: They all should. You know, if you’re a billionaire, why would you put on a costume? Just open a charity. Go to Aruba.

So you’re having a lot of fun playing with that.

Mark: Yeah, yeah. She was such a richly drawn character before I got there. A lot of the heavy lifting was done, and now I’m just exploring roads that were not taken.

Are we seeing her more as an ambiguous character, not completely good, not completely evil?

Mark: No, she’s good. But there’s definitely going to be more of the darkness with a supernatural tinge of stuff.

Supernatural? What kind of stuff can we expect?

Mark: You’re just going to have to keep reading.

No hints at all?

Mark: No hints at all. I would if I could. But it’s like the Yakuza, if I tell you, I’ll come back with a pinkie missing.

Ok I don’t want that, because you need to type.

Mark: I only need two. I’m a two-finger typer, but I’m fast.

Is there a favorite character you want to write?

Mark: I would love to write Wonder Woman. I would love to write Hawkman. I have a couple of Batman ideas I’d love to do outside of Batman continuity that I’ve been wanting to tell for a long time. Other than that, there’s a bunch of characters on that list that I get to write in the very near future, so I won’t tell anybody who they are. More teases. It’s annoying but we are sworn to secrecy.

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