Fox releases their Fall lineup trailers


Fox recently released the trailers for their fall lineup. After cancelling six shows this past month, with five of them being comedies, Fox has upped the dramas with five coming out fall.


Mondays at 8pm will be the new home for DC’s Gotham. It tells the life of Commissioner Gordon when he was just a detective. It was before there was Batman, Joker, Riddler, and the many other heroes and villains of Gotham City. It was just Detective Gordon (Ben McKenzie) protecting the city.


On Tuesdays and Fridays, Fox presents Utopia – a reality, social experiment that has 15 every day people build a new society. The people must work together to develop a society that they consider utopia. We know there is going to be drama because of the different types of people they recruited – a Christian, atheist, polygamist, feminist and other groups of people. We will see how this does.


On Wednesdays at 9PM will feature a show called Red Band Society. With Steven Spielberg as the executive producer and starring Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer, this dark comedy shows life for kids inside a hospital. Narrated by Charlie, a kid in a coma, we see the lives of the kids living in the hospital with their illnesses and just growing up.

[Trailer has not been released]


Thursdays will feature the US remake of the British hit Broadchurch – Gracepoint. It’s about solving the death of a local boy in a small town. The murder hits the town hard and it’s up to the two detectives (David Tennant and Anna Gunn) to solve it.


Sunday nights will feature a new comedy joining The Simpsons, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Family Guy will be Mulaney. Starring Emmy Award-winning comedian/writer John Mulaney, it’s about a rising stand up comedian trying to take his career to the next level. It also stars SNL alum Nasim Pedrad, comedian Seaton Smith, and comedy legend Martin Short.


They also attached mid season shows:

Empire – A new drama about a music mongol (Terrence Howard) who is dying and wants to have his legacy to live on. His ex-wife and three brothers must battle for the throne.


Wayward Pines – This 10 episode show, brought to life by M. Night Shyamalan, starring Academy Award nominee Matt Dillion as a Secret Service Agent searching for his colleagues and ends up in the innocent town of Wayward Pines, Idaho. The people in the town are quite odd and leaving is not an option.


Backstrom – Rainn Wilson returns to television as a lieutenant who solves crimes his own unconventional ways. He plays a unhealthy, offensive, irascible, but brilliant detective. Think House but with crime.


The Last Man on Earth – Will Forte plays Phil Miller, an average guy who is now the last man on Earth. We see him do his every day routine in hopes to meet another human being.


Hieroglyph – In the world of Ancient Egypt, there is dark magic, pharaohs, Gods and thieves. When The Book of Thresholds, a dangerous scroll, is stolen, it is up to thief Ambrose to track it down.


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