A moment of silence for H.R. Giger

Today, we take a moment of silence in regards to the passing of a wonderful artist. H.R. Giger has taken his beautiful art with him to the next life, and will be missed greatly. He passed away at only 74, due to a fall. To us, he was taken too soon.

He is known for his work in the film Alien, and is responsible for the creation of Xenomorph. He has also worked on Prometheus in 2012 and the Sil from Species. Giger was a man who made a lot of us sci-fi nerds happy campers, and for that we thank him.

Nerd Reactor sends our condolences to his family, and in honor of H.R. Giger’s brilliance, I have shared some of his work down below. Let’s all take a moment to appreciate it!






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