Queen Elsa joins ABC’s Once Upon a Time

frozen once upon a time

By Derek Mari

Once Upon a Time’s Season 3 finale strategically ended with a character introduction that already has fans begging for a Season 4 release date. The show opened the Disney vault once again to allow an icy Queen Elsa from Frozen. Once Upon a Time’s finale concluded with an almost after-credits-like scene to tease the Snow Queen sporting her sparkling blue dress and braided hair as the stoney earth beneath her turned to ice. She was only shown from behind, so an actress for the character has not been announced and maybe not even decided yet as it is a common strategy for a stand-in to be used until the season actually formulates.

Television is just about the last form of entertainment that Academy-Award winning Frozen has yet to take over. It has become the highest grossing animated film of all time, its soundtrack reached number 1 on the Billboard 200, meet-and-greets with the princesses are a popular attraction at the Disney theme parks, countless forms of merchandise have been sold worldwide, and in early 2014 it was even confirmed that a Broadway musical for the franchise is in the works. The latter of the list has stirred a huge amount of excitement for fans to see a live-action Frozen, but now it seems Once Upon a Time may be able to satisfy that anticipation as well.

Will Anna make an appearance in the season also? An Olaf cameo? Regarding the show’s annual trend of new seasons, we can bet on having these questions answered in 2015.

Sources: @OnceABC

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