Key and Peele’s 5 geekiest sketches

Key & Peele Star Wars

Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele are two of the strongest voices in comedy today. Key & Peele on Comedy Central has won over fans and critics alike with the show’s sharp discussions on everything from modern relationships to race and culture. But this comedy duo also has a geek-streak, often pairing real world issues with nerd heavy subjects to absurdly brilliant effect. Have you ever wondered what an inner city wizard school is like? Or what it would be like to think you’re the last person on Earth? To celebrate the geeky comedic genius of these two gentlemen, I created a list of the top 5 geekiest Key & Peele sketches.

1) Lando’s Fan

The fact that charismatic space-scoundrel Lando Calrissian seems to be the only black person in the Star Wars Universe (at least until Samuel L. Jackson came along) has been examined before, but never more deftly than in this sketch. It seems as though Key and Peele are drawing on some personal experience in Hollywood, as the sketch shows Lando trying to graciously accept praise from a fan, while not feel like he owes this person anything.

2) Inner City Wizard School

Everyone who has read Harry Potter has wondered what wizarding schools would be like in the United States. I mean, they can’t all be like Hogwarts, a wizarding school modeled heavily after the British school system. Key and Peele had the same thought, and decided to examine what a wizarding inner-city school might look like. While this is a clear send up of Hogwarts, there are also sly nods to Ghostbusters, The Exorcist and Rosemary’s Baby. NOTE: If you can’t view the video click the link HERE.

3) Power Falcons

Did anyone else wonder why the only black member of The Power Rangers was also assigned to the black uniform? What about the Yellow Ranger for that matter? Anyway, in this hilarious parody of The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, a team known as The Power Falcons struggle with the color, nomenclature and ethnicity of one of their members.

4) Post Apocalyptic Hunt

The apocalypse is a staple of geek culture and has been for years. From The Road Warrior to the Fallout series, by now everyone seems pretty familiar with the tropes of a hardened wasteland warrior traversing the remains of our once great human civilization. In their sketch “Post-Apocalyptic Hunt”, Key and Peele examine what loneliness does to the human mind after the world has ended.

5) Suburban Zombies

I LOVE that this one has Kevin Sorbo in it as the zombie fighting badass. I also love that the modern zombie genre as we know it today was spawned by Night of the Living Dead, a film that featured a strong, black protagonist illustrating the racial tensions in a country in the midst of the civil rights movement. Suburban Zombies discusses racissm but in a different way than Romero did back in 1968.

BONUS: Damn, Check That Shit Out

While this episode doesn’t begin with overtly nerdy subject matter, the lead up and punch line are out of this world. I also adore the very 90s vibe we get from this sketch.

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