New ‘Mass Effect’ on the horizon!

“I’m sorry, I’m having trouble hearing you- I’m getting a lot of bullshit on this line. “ – Commander Shepard.

There is a good chance we won’t be seeing that line. But we don’t know for sure! Many of you Mass Effect fans may lovingly reminisce upon this badass moment in the Mass Effect saga, which we hoped remained consistent with the various writers in the following iterations, staying true to the horror of Sovereign’s words. Alas, the crowd finished the trilogy in a split appreciation, leaving us questioning life and existence, then trying to figure out who to burn in our witch-hunt. Time passed, I went back to the clip, and Sovereign’s dialog truly made the lasting impression in what compelled me about the Reaper threat.

And while I reminisced, I ran into this piece of news…

Reported by IGN, clues from the crew over in BioWare Montreal have indicated that there would be an unveiling at E3 concerning the next iteration within the Mass Effect franchise. Currently suspected as Mass Effect 4, it is being labeled as Mass Effect: Contact.

Since the end of Mass Effect 3, fan suspicions have tried to determine where the franchise would go considering the split outcome of the trilogy’s ending. One strong idea was the First Contact War between the Humans and the Turians. Could Contact allude to this volatile event in Mass Effect’s past?

Reinforced by tweets from game industry insider, Ahsan Rasheed, “It’s not going to be called Mass Effect 4 – its going to be Mass Effect: _ _ _ _ _ _ _”
“Mass Effect gonna be shown off at E3 too. Different name.”

Would this allow for the possibility that the franchise may have a name-change? Or simply the fact that it won’t be a numerical sequence, the way Halo maintains itself.

BioWare General Manager Aaryn Flynn tweeted “Great time playing the next Mass Effect game in Montreal. Ambitious. Beautiful. Fresh but recognizable. And fun!”

You will learn more about the newest iteration of Mass Effect and other games when Nerd Reactor heads to E3 this June!

… I’m going to leave this here.


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