Star-Crossed takes on bigger issues than aliens!

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Nerd Reactor got the chance to talk with the creators and cast of Star-Crossed during WonderCon. The show is currently in its 1st Season on the CW.

Star-Crossed is a modern take on the classic Romeo and Juliet story starring Aimee Teegarden, a human girl, and Matt Lanter, and alien boy in high school after the integration of humans and aliens. It really touches on more than just your run-of-the-mill boy meets girl love story. On a deeper level, science fiction allows us a creative cover to politely introduce hard issues.

Executive producer, creator, and writer of the tale, Meredith Averill, is a true science fiction fan. She is excited to bring science fiction to the CW and to take on hard issues like race, homosexuality and segregation. (Kind of a full platter of hot box issues, done in a elegant science fiction fashion.)

It’s filled with a strong, and let’s face it, easy on the eyes cast. It’s a pity that it was on CW’s hit list this week. Look out for past episodes when they become available because who doesn’t love aliens and hotties! Here’s an interview with stars Aimee Teegarden and Matt Lanter!

*Please note, the interview was done before the news of the cancellation.

Can you explain the logistics of the underwater kiss?

Aimee: We shot it twice. The first time we shot it outside. I think I put a video up on instagram and Twitter. We had to jump into the water, and were told that no matter what was happening, don’t come up for air for like ten seconds. Because they had a fire canon that shot over the pool once we went under.

Its epic! I showed it to someone afterwards and they were like freaked out. It’s honestly one of my proudest moments. I swear I should earn my stuntwoman’s license for that! That was the first time we did it. Then we didn’t have enough time because the sun went down before we could shoot more of the underwater stuff. The second time we did it in an underwater pool interior. And we had these sand bags under the water.

Matt: At the bottom of the pool.

Aimee: That we would go to. Then we would take our different breaths with breathing apparatuses.

Matt: We had divers with the oxygen stuff, so we would like take our breath. We’d go down, they’d put the respirator in our mouth, and then they’d latch our feet onto sandbags to keep us at the bottom of the pool. Then they would tap on the canisters so that we would hear it, and then that’s when we came alive. We had to have our eyes open. We basically acted the scene out, and once we were done, they put the respirator back in our mouths.

Aimee: Yeah it was a whole thing.

Matt: We were like pressed for time the second time. They didn’t want us to come up for air. So they just wanted to keep putting the respirator back in our mouths. And we were like, “Wait a minute, we have to come up for air. We have to know if we are doing the scene correctly. To get direction.”

Aimee: I mean your eyes are open underwater. You can’t see anything. And by the end of it I should not have been driving home. Everything was like super blown out.

Matt: I called her that night. And I was like. Can you see right now? Because I can’t. It was so fuzzy, because we were in this big chlorinated pool. But whatever, it could’ve been worse, we could’ve been in the back woods.

Assuming that season 2 is happening, what would you want to see your characters doing.

Aimee: I guess I would like to see her take a more active role in figuring out integration and really being more vocal about it. Also having more of a game plan, maybe by rallying and maybe spending more time in the sector getting to know more about the aliens.

Matt: I think…and this is less about Roman and more about the show in general as a fan, I would like to see something hugely epic happen, like if somehow the aliens broke out, and what if the humans were placed in the sector and the community is taken hostage. I just think that would be cool. It would be just hugely epic. How cool would that be?

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