NBC dooms Community to the darkest timeline


After five seasons of the cult comedy hit, Community, NBC has decided to pull the plug. It was a dance that Community fans have come to know all too well. The will they, won’t they renew complex that the show has found itself in since season 1. The show has had one of the most unique runs in television history with a die-hard fanbase that has stuck with the show which has jumped some huge creative hurdles. There was the Chevy Chase vs. showrunner Dan Harmon creative conflicts which ultimately led to Chevy leaving the show. Fans will also remember and try to forget season four where Dan Harmon was fired, but was luckily brought back to redeem the show in season five, despite the departure of fan-favorite character Troy Barns (played by Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino).

Harmon has made clear that the goal for Community was six seasons and a movie. The heart wrenching thing for fans is to know that we came so close. It’s hard not to believe that we are living in the darkest timeline if Community is cancelled, yet About a Boy gets to limp along for another year.

Community and its fans are some of the most resilient in the industry. Go on Twitter or any other social media site right now and try to find another show that’s cancellation has caused this much buzz today. The truth in all of this is that although it feels like the end of the road for Community, if any show can pick up the pieces and move forward, it is this one. Speculation has already started as to which streaming service will pick up the sixth season. Hulu, Netflix, Crackle, and even Comedy Central are all completely viable options for the continuation of the Chronicles of Greendale Community College.

Now it’s your turn internet. Stand up, put some mustard on your face and tweet your asses off.

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