Blue Mountain State basketball fundraiser with TMNT’s Alan Ritchson and more!

What does Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle‘s Raphael and Blue Mountain State‘s Thad Castle have in common? What happens when you bring the cast of Blue Mountain State and a bunch of Monroe High School students from Los Angeles, CA, and put them in a charity basketball game together? Well you sure as heck have a whole lot of fun!

Blue Mountain State is the hilariously raunchy college-football comedy about a second string quarterback who does whatever he can to do the minimum that is expected of him while still getting girls and keeping his friends happy. Alan Ritchson (Smallville, TMNT) plays the fan-favorite football captain, Thad Castle. He and his co-stars are working on funding their already successful Kickstarter to help bring the movie, and hopefully the TV show, to life.

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Ball Up Streetball organized this charity basketball game with all proceeds going to Monroe High School. Ball Up does a lot of work like this, bringing streetball-style basketball to communities all around the United States and working with some great NBA players. It’s an awesome team that works hard to help kids empower themselves through basketball. With the combination of these two groups, Ball Up and Blue Mountain State created a game which was not only pure, but fun and entertaining.

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We were lucky enough to spend a little time talking to the members of Ball Up as well as the members of Blue Mountain State. Sam Jones III was a really awesome and humble guy (he has played Pete Ross on WB’s Smallville and the innocent Shilo in Blue Mountain State). Page Kennedy, who played Radon, was there but without the huge ego and outrageously funny behavior of his character. (I mean he sure as hell was funny, but in a more real manner.) And of course Darin Brooks, who played football playboy Alex Moran, surrounded himself with the beautiful cheerleaders of Blue Mountain State and sat on the sidelines cheering his team on!

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After the game was over, the cast hung out and talked to all of their fans. Let me tell you, even though they were drenched in sweat and breathing hard from the game, they still were so appreciative of the amount of people who went that they talked to EVERY single person who stayed to talk and/or wanted to get pictures with them. It was really funny to watch Alan Ritchson embody his character of Thad Castle every time someone asked him to do it. You can hear the crowd cheer when he fell back into character.

I was lucky enough to ask Alan about his recent filming of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie and what every Blue Mountain State fan wants to know.

Nerd Reactor: Were you able to incorporate any of Thad Castle’s qualities into Raphael?”

Alan Ritchson: Great question. [laughing] They are polar opposites. Raphael is internalized and morose while Thad Castle is externalized and larger than life. And Raphael wears his heart on his sleeve.

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I didn’t want to keep him from his fans, but the entire cast just gave off this great vibe. I hope Ball Up, Monroe High School, and the Blue Mountain State Kickstarter all succeed in their goals to provide services, although different from each other, that make people happy.

Donate to the Blue Mountain State Kickstarter Here!

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