The one ‘Let It Go’ political parody to destroy your love for the song

dan patrick, ballad of dannie goeb

Parodies are easy to make, easy to find, and easy to make fun of. Politicians are also easy to find, easy to make fun of, and they apparently find it easy to make parodies as well.

In Texas, there’s a fight for the seat of Lieutenant Governor (the second-highest executive office), and incumbent David Dewhurst is looking to keep his title for his fourth term. Like all politicians trying to stay relevant, his team released an attack ad on State Senator, Dan Patrick, who’s a current candidate for the same role.

And like most politicians’ ads, the attack is seemingly childish and not classy. In this ad, they’re mocking “Dannie Goeb’s” past as a disc jockey (which apparently makes him unfit to hold a political office).

And, here you have it, sung to the tune of Frozen’s Let It Go.

So, who will flung mud next? Who will finally take a stand in the sand box? What Disney song will they ruin next for us?

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