Nerd Block extends its service to the Horror genre!

horror block

One of the top dogs in the geek subscription box game, Nerd Block, is sinking their twisted fangs into a new genre with the introduction of a new service appropriately dubbed the Horror Block.

Unaware how a subscription box works? It’s simple; you pay a monthly subscription fee of $20 bucks to a company who sends you easily $40-$50+ worth of mystery goodies, including a t-shirt. You can check out the Nerd Reactor review of the Nerd Block we did just a few short months ago here.

The Horror Block looks to be gruesomely promising as they have already boasted partnerships with some of the biggest players in today’s horror-pop culture including The Walking Dead, Ghostbusters, Mars Attacks. Of course they also promise product items related to the horror staples Friday the 13th, Chucky, Aliens and Predator.

Horror Block isn’t the only murder horse in this race as there is the ‘Box of Dread’ already out there in this space, but it’s hard to imagine they aren’t a little concerned that the people at Nerd Block are planning on taking a nice deep slice of the market share.

Stay tuned as we will be taking an up close look at the Horror Block and posting a full review, right here on

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