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Son of Batman-Robin

Son of Batman is the latest from the DC Universe Animated Original Movies by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, and it’s now available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD. The story is based on Grant Morrison/Andy Kubert’s Batman and Son and introduces Damian Wayne, the son of Batman and Talia al Ghul (Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter). The kid was raised since birth under the League of Assassins and is a skilled fighter with ideals opposite of Batman. He’s also the next in line to lead the Assassins after his mom.

The League of Assassins gets attacked, leaving Ra’s al Ghul dead by the hands of Deathstroke (Dharma and Greg‘s Thomas Gibson). Talia (Firefly‘s Morena Baccarin) then sends Damian (Stuart allan) off to Batman while she deals with the threat. Batman, surprised that he had a son, now wants to train Damian for the better good, since he wants his son to unlearn what he has learned from Ra’s. Now with a new Robin, Batman and Damian must put a stop to Deathstroke and his evil plans.

Son of Batman -Batman

The beginning sequence where Deathstroke and his army of soldiers attack the League’s headquarters gets pretty bloody and violent. This opening sequence tells you that the film is geared for a more mature crowd. Since the League’s weapon of choice is a sword, expect lots of blood splattering everywhere.

Storywise it’s a pretty simple one. Damian becomes Robin, fights alongside Batman, goes to rescue Talia, and tries to stop Deathstroke from releasing an army of enhanced Man-Bats.

Son of Batman-Deathstroke

So how’s Damian is a character? He’s cocky, skilled, and a deadly assassin. Add to that his age, and he becomes a very careless and reckless anti-hero. He’s not really likable, and it’s hard to root for a boy whose arc hasn’t really progressed much from annoying boy to less annoying boy.

The casting is pretty impressive, since we have the likes of Morena Baccarin and Thomas Gibson. With that said, it’s a little disconcerting to hear some of the dialogue feeling a bit flat.

Son of Batman-Croc

Not only is the action geared towards a mature audience, but also the dialogue and subject matter; for example, hookers and donating sperm. The female characters are hypersexualized, from Talia’s cleavage to the escorts.

If action and animation is your thing, then this movie should be sufficient, although the action scenes can get drawn out at times. The film also has some nice comedic moments from Nightwing and Damian. It’s definitely not the best of the Batman animated bunch, but it should be a fun casual viewing experience.

Rating: 3 Atoms

NR 3 Atoms - C

Son of Batman-Talia

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