May Humble Bundle is going to rid me of all my money


So, let’s talk about this months Humble Bundle. All I have to say is, take my money. All of it.

First of all, we have Stick of Truth for only $39.99, which is pretty good for how great the game is. I would pay full price for it in general, so if you guys don’t own the game yet, I suggest you get it now. Another popular game that is incredibly cheap is Arkham Origins at $7.49. Originally it’s about 30 dollars, so the fact it’s literally only 7 bucks is incredible. Like I said, shut up and take my money.

Shut up

Other games that are on sale include Octodad, which I really want to pick up, all of The Walking Dead games, Thief, Broken Age, and so much more. I highly suggest you click this link, and go purchase some of the things offered.

As far as I know, this has been one of the best Humble Bundles yet. Or at least the best one I’ve ever experienced.

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