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Sony Pictures’ The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has finally arrived in theaters, along with a brand new game from Canadian developer Beenox which tries to create its own world inside an existing film. Where the first game takes place after the movie, this one finds itself lost between worlds.

*Some spoilers ahead*


The Spider-Man universe has no shortage of villains or stories, but I found it interesting that Beenox decided to start the second game focused around Peter looking for Uncle Ben’s killer and spending time chatting with Stan Lee, who serves to give Peter advice at the comic book store. (It’s odd that he’s helpful even after his apartment was destroyed from the first game.) It then branches off into a story that features iconic Spider-Man villains like Shocker, Wilson Fisk aka the Kingpin, Black Cat, Kraven the Hunter, Cletus Cassidy (Carnage), Electro and Green Goblin.


Spider-Man wearing the Ricochet costume from Identity Crisis

The game features 14 main scenarios that can easily be completed in about four hours. You’ll be swinging high above the city of New York as Spider-Man, freely traveling around New York in an open world that is reused from the first game, with some new additions. You can also jump on a train to return to Peter’s home to replay missions and change into different unlockable/DLC costumes. The loading time is pretty abysmal for an open world game.

Since it’s an open world game, that means that side mission are around to prevent you from being bored when you beat the main missions. We get races, photography missions, and the comic book collection from the first game. There are also a few new twists which include secret bases to retrieve stolen Oscorp technology. Spider-Man’s quest to save the city from evil will either reward you or penalizes you with karma. There are about six missions total; finding a bomb that is set to go off and toss it into the river, stopping a shootout by defeating all the baddies, stopping thugs, saving people from burning buildings, saving a person who is trapped, and stopping a car chase while saving a kidnapped victim.

Completing the missions reward you with heroic karma which gives you status boosts in battle, while failing to do a mission or failing gives you negative karma along with negative boosts. Why this was added is a loss to me. The potential was there, but it was executed poorly, since five missions can simultaneously appear at the same time with a time limit, causing you to lose more karma than you can get. It is even more annoying when you are in the middle of doing something in the game, but because you have negative karma, you are constantly being attacked. It just doesn’t help that the missions become so generic and repetitive that you just don’t want to do them anymore.


In combat Spider-Man uses his agility and power to attack along with the help of his web shooters. The battle system is extremely similar to the Batman Arkham series where Spider-Man mostly attacks in combos and dodges when his spider sense is tingling. The flow of the system is flawed and sometimes doesn’t register as it should, causing Spider-Man to get blasted by an enemy. The game also has Spider-Man sneaking around with his silent takedowns that aren’t really quiet or useful, and it becomes way too flashy to the point that enemies can quickly spot you.

You’ll be able to earn XP and points. XP is used to level up the multiple outfits you unlock as you play the game. Each outfit has different properties and abilities which you can raise to level 7 each, and while previous games allowed you to raise Spider-Man’s skills and abilities, Amazing Spider-Man 2 allows you to power up certain abilities.

Final Reaction

There tends to be more wrongs with the game than right. I had a lot of fun web swinging around New York and playing around and collecting comics. While I had maximum heroic karma, I was already down to being a menace, forcing me to start saving people even after the game was beaten. The game is full of long load times, but the game is visually well done. There were moments where the graphics started glitching out. While there were a few problems with the audio of the game, a lot of the voice acting in the game is done really well, Sam Riegel does a great job voicing Peter Parker/Spider-Man, with jokes and jabs at enemies.


Electo in the game, made no sense and had nearly no story, at least Green Goblin had a reason to be there

Overall this is a game to rent. The lack of a deep story really hurts the overall performance, as it seems at times they just wanted to throw everything into a giant blender and see what worked. The only character that gets more time is Kraven. Let’s not even talk about the uninspired boss fights.

Rating: 2.5 Atoms 

NR 2_5 Atoms - C-

The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Developer: Beenox
Publisher: Activison
System: Nintendo 3DS, PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Xbox 360, and Xbox One
Price: $59.99
Available Now

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