Sledgehammer Games’ third-person Call of Duty: Vietnam War game that never happened


The new trailer for Sledgehammer Games’ first Call of Duty title was just released over the weekend. Until now, few people knew that the developer was actually working on a title for the franchise long before Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. For the June issue of Game Informer, Sledgehammer Games co-founder Glen Schofield talked about the upcoming Call of Duty and the third-person shooter they spent six months developing.

“We were really getting into the story. We had a big moment that I would love to get into a game someday, but it’s not something we could do in first-person. We did a lot of research on that war. We were definitely going for some Dead Space moments. It was going to be a fresh take on war.”

Schofield was previously the co-director for many of Dead Space titles, before he co-found Sledgehammer Games. After a year of work, Schofield and his team produced a 15-minute playable demo for Call of Duty publisher. After seeing the team’s work, Activision asked for Sledgehammer’s help on Modern Warfare 3. The developer halted all production on the Vietnam-focused title to help what was left of Infinity Ward. Shortly there after, Activision head Bobby Kotick would bring the developer into the fold, where they are now set to release their own version of the game.

We can only guess if they will ever finish their third-person shooter. For the time being, their main focus is on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

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Source: Game Informer

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