Harmonix starts a Kickstarter project for a music-based game


Many people have heard of and played Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and Dance Central. Before any of those games were made, Harmonix had released a PlayStation 2 exclusive music game. It was called Amplitude and it was a controller-based music game. There was no need to get extra accessories like a guitar, drum set, microphone, or camera (Dance Central). Everything was in the palm of your hands, literally.

It was one of the first music games I have ever played and was instantly hooked, and now they want to make it available for the PS3 and PS4. They are looking for your help to get this game made and plans to give it a new look and updated feel for the new consoles.

Harmonix is looking for $775,000 to get this game made. It is currently at $47, 100+ and rising. With only 18 days left before this project ends, I am hoping you will back this. If you played any of the Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Dance Central, and the original Amplitude games, then this should definitely be in your radar.

You can back the KickStarter project here.

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