Halo series coming to Showtime?


When it was announced that Xbox was going to have something special planned for the live-action Halo series, it was believed that the series would be exclusive to Xbox 360 and Xbox One console owners. Now Variety reports that Microsoft is completing a deal with Showtime, a premium cable movie channel, to air the series before it becomes available on Xbox Live.

Halo is the top property belonging to Microsoft, so you can bet that the company is being extra careful in making sure it gets a proper TV showing. Showtime has said that it has “taken a long time to work out because the sides are charting new territory for a show designed to air on Showtime as well as Xbox, with enhanced interactivity built in for the latter platform.”

Steven Spielberg’s Amblin TV will be executive produce the TV series with Stuart Beattie, Amblin’s Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank. It will be produced by Xbox Entertainment Studios with help from 343 Industries, the developer of Halo 4.

Are you guys excited about this news?

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