Who is that man in the shadow in the Amazing Spider-Man?

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Warning, spoilers ahead. Don’t read unless you have seen The Amazing Spider-Man 2. You have been warned!



From the first Amazing Spider-Man, this character was hidden in mystery. He was known only as “The Man in the Shadow.” In the sequel he returns and is now credited as Gustav Fiers, and just like the first appearance, he only appears for minutes with his face being a mystery. Near the end of the movie, he walks into Harry Osborne’s cell and tells him how the recruitment for his new team is going. Then it shows him walking through the “Special Projects Division” area of Oscorp, showing Doctor Octopus’ tentacles, the Vulture’s wings, and Rhino’s armor. It’s easy to see where this is going and just in case you don’t know, he is building the Sinister Six.

This character, played by Michael Massee, is known as “The Gentleman.” In the comics, he is a wealthy criminal who wants to exact revenge on Peter Parker because his parents thwarted his plans in the past. He has been spying on Peter so that he can exact revenge when the time was right. Due to that spying, he finds out the truth about Spider-Man and continues to watch him as he goes through the ups and downs of being a hero. It was when Spider-Man kills his brother (the Finisher) that Mr. Fiers decided to create the Sinister Six.


In Adam-Troy Castro’s trilogy Sinister Six, it was “The Gentleman” who created the team for the reasons stated above. His team consisted of Doctor Octopus, the Vulture, Electro, Mysterio, the Chameleon, and an original character, Pity. (Of course we won’t know if those will be actual characters used for the movie.) In the second movie we see two items: Doctor Octopus’ tentacles and the Vulture’s wings, and of course we see Electro (Jamie Foxx).

So we have the making of half of the Sinister Six there, but who will fill the other three slots? My guess would be Rhino and the Green Goblin, but that leaves one slot open; for that I hope it’s Mysterio. I would love to see Mysterio in a live-action movie, but it could go a different route all together. Though we did see Electro “die”, I hope they bring him back. He was great character and Jamie Foxx did him justice.

It is great to finally know the man in the shadow. Now that we know who he is, do you think they will build his version of the Sinister Six, the one written by Adam-Troy Castro? Or will they go another direction?

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