Mashed: You like Spoofs? Here are some quick and funny ones!


The guys at Toonocracy of Mashed has released their latest of spoofs – Spoofs 3. Their previous spoofs have included The Hunger Games, Captain America, Hulk, The Walking Dead, The Expendables, Planet of the Apes, Orange is the New Black, Jean Claude Van Damme, Sexomaniac and The Muppets. These less-than-two-minute videos quickly and hilarious showcase your favorite fandoms in short segments. So you can be entertained and it won’t take too much of your time!


This time, they are spoofing from your favorite shows – The Walking Dead, Planet of the Apes, RoboCop, TitanFall, Godzilla, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Captain Phillips. The great thing about their Spoof series is that they take requests from fans who post in the comments section. Check out their funny video and submit what you would like to see!

Warning: The video contains adult humor.

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