Fox digs deep for their Fantastic Four reboot villain and casts Tim Blake Nelson as Harvey Elder aka Mole Man! Oh my!  

**This is a news update along with a short opinion piece**

Fox Studios just released their latest casting choice for their upcoming reboot of the Fantastic Four. Tim Blake Nelson, who played Samuel Sterns (In Hulk canon, he eventually becomes The Leader) in the 2008 movie The Incredible Hulk, will be joining the Fantastic Four cast as another awkward scientist by the name of Harvey Elder. For some of you that don’t know who Harvey Elder is, he’s eventually turns in the the villain: Mole Man. It was stated that Mole Man won’t be in the upcoming movie, but would be setup for future installments.


Samuel Sterns becoming The Leader in The Incredible Hulk 2008

With that news out of the way, all I can say is, yep…that’s…umm…great. Eventually, Fox’s Fantastic Four reboot franchise will clash with the “menacing” Mole Man. Fox refused to let go of this Marvel franchise back to Marvel, and their recent casting debacle along with the team’s origin change hasn’t tickled my fancy. I’m personally very wary of this reboot despite the assurances that it will be great and written properly.


Personally, of all the upcoming villains that they could choose from, they go with Mole Man? Seriously?

Yes I know they’re basing this on the Ultimate Fantastic Four setup, yes I know they are catering to a new audience, but there is one thing that seems to have been forgotten: The Fantastic Four is special because they are a family. They are a family that experienced the sudden life altering changes together and suffered some of the same hardships together, since they are a FAMILY. Pee Wee Herman’s secret word for today is “family”.


With the origin change, I don’t really know what’s going to happen. As I said I’m as wary as the rest of the Marvel fans, but there’s still a small side of me that wants to keep an open mind. Or maybe that open mind is me waiting for the rights to go back to Marvel itself, so we don’t see Galactus as a giant terd cloud again. Oh and congrats again Tim Blake Nelson!! I do hope you reprise the role of The Leader though, since you did well in that! Here’s to hoping Mole Man doesn’t look like a man-gerbil. We’d need Richard Gear to fight him instead of the Fantastic Four then.

(Sorry about the short rant. I need to put down the coffee. *grumbles*)

Source: Latino Review


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