Fairy Tail’s Grey Fullbuster Goodsmile statue available for pre-order

Good Smile banner Fairy Tail 2 is the continuation of the widely popular series that brought us Naruto with magic. While Fairy Tail may just be another Shounen anime, it does have some unique and colorful characters. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing Fairy Tail in the least, and actually prefer it to Naruto.

For those who have seen the series, one character can be compared more or less to a clone of Sasuke, but not nearly as obviously homosexual. This character is Grey Fullbuster. The mage that becomes more powerful without his shirt. (Yes, I’m serious.) Thanks to GoodSmile, you can now own one of these awesome statues of the nearly full power Grey Fullbuster.

03_236_3 04_224_3 But wait, there’s more! On this 1/8th scale statue, Grey’s shirt does fully come off, so you can have him on your desk in all his half-naked glory and full magnificent power. Wonderful.

If you’re already fan-girling (or guying, we don’t judge here) pre-order it at GoodSmile’s online store now, before you’re left in the cold!


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