Nintendo won’t be holding a press conference at E3, but will have a Super Smash Bros. Tournament

Nintendo has announced that this year it will once again not be holding the traditional press conference at E3. So what can we expect during E3? How about the company releasing a pre-recorded video on Tuesday, June 10th, at 9am PST to showcase its upcoming line-up.

Super-Smash-Bros-Wii-U-Official-Screenshots-Nintendo-077Nintendo will also hold a special 16-player invite-only Super Smash Bros. tournament at the Nokia Theater in Downtown Los Angeles. It’s to promote the upcoming Super Smash. Bros fighting game for the Wii U. More details to be announced when the event draws nearer. And for those who can’t attend E3, Nintendo will be teaming up with select Best Buy stores to have playable demos of Super Smash Bros.

Will it pay off for Nintendo? The Nintendo Directs are a great way for fans to get more information on what’s coming, but the press conferences were always a more direct way of communicating with the fans, since it was live and full of surprises.

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