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Hot off the digital press, EA Sports has released a video that finally gives us some insight to EA’s UFC career mode! For many career mode is the cornerstone of a combat sports game. Early versions of the UFC games under the development of THQ were thought of being too dull, and felt more like managing spreadsheets than an entertaining fight career. By the time they hit UFC Undisputed 3, the career mode was improved but left a lot of room for improvement.

What we see in EA’s UFC is a beautiful rendering of the Ultimate Fighter gym and a glimpse into the Create a fighter menus. The major take away here is that although there will be no fighter sharing, the Create a Fighter process will in fact be compatible with photo game face. The video progresses to your fighter hitting pads until you are ready to participate in the Ultimate Fighter tournament. The video glazed over the fact of whether you would have any UFC fighters as coaches during the tournament. I would have liked to see if you could have an option to get drunk and piss on a housemate’s bed, but I guess you can’t always get what you want.

The video also points out two rating systems in the career mode: Popularity and Longevity. Popularity in the past has been basically get lots of Knockouts, gain popularity faster. More popularity means more sponsorships and quicker title shot. EA’s UFC seems to hold true to that logic with the addition of video messages from Dana White and other fighters to help motivate you, and I’d hope also bash you via Twitter if you have a boring fight. Popularity will also influence your career in a somewhat more unique way now. A high popularity increases the chances of high profile fighters visiting your gym and giving you ‘training tips’ before fights.

The Longevity rating is one I find a bit more interesting. This is a somewhat macabre system that for the first time reflects the truth in fighting. Past games have stressed reckless abandon in fighting. You take limitless big strikes and deal limitless damaging strikes with very little consequence. In EA’s UFC like in the real MMA world you have a longevity limit. Fight recklessly and take too many unnecessary ‘significant strikes’ and your career will be shorter than someone who is more careful. As they put it in the video, when your longevity meter runs out your career is over. One of my biggest concerns with any fight games career mode when it comes to this is whether the Longevity meter will apply to all of the fighters on the UFC roster throughout your career. Will Anderson still be fighting at age 60? Or will he retire and the UFC roster be backfilled with computer generated mixed martial artists?

The game will also feature evolution points and experience points. Evolution points look like they will help you increase your fighting stats and learn new moves. Experience points on the other hand will automatically earn your fighter new abilities. Abilities are more of those little cagey veteran tricks like fighting dirty or reserving stamina. These abilities can help you create more complex game plans for the fights.

The theme of this most recent reveal was fighting smart. I like what we are seeing so far from the EA Sports team on this game. In a lot of ways the video creates a lot more questions than it did answers and hopefully soon we will get an opportunity to get these questions answered.

EA’s UFC will be available June 17, 2014. Pre order now for instant access to use Bruce Lee.

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