Be like Captain America and Iron Man with replica shield and armor suitcase

captain america shield

Ever wanted to be like Captain America? Well, the guys over at eFX Inc. will give fans a chance when they get to pre-order the full-scale replica Captain America shield tomorrow at the eFX site. Fans will also get a chance to pre-order the Iron Man 2 Mark V Armor Suitcase Fuel Cell. Since these babies look like the real deal, the pricing, of course, will be in the higher range.

Here are the details for the life-like shield:

– $599 Plus Shipping/Handling and CA Sales Tax, if applicable
– Edition size limited to only 1500 pieces worldwide
– Full scale, accurate replicas of the 24″ shield
– Master patterns cast from the original molds used to make the screen used props
– Quality fiberglass and metal construction
– Genuine leather straps
– Numbered metal plaque
– Prop Story/Certificate of Authenticity
– Wall mount display

iron man suitcase

For those wanting feel extra cool that they have an “Iron Man armor” wherever they go, check out the Iron Man 2 Mark V Armor Suitcase Fuel Cell. Not only does it look cool, it can also help you on your many travels, whether it’s at a con, on vacation or on a business trip. The power source is a 1/4 scale replica of the Armor Suitcase as seen in Iron Man 2. It’s a lot cheaper than the replica shield and retails at $99.

The Fuel Cell has a 12,000 mAh capacity and can charge up to 5 iPhone 5s and completely charge an iPad Air. It can also charge your other mobile devices and can even power certain smartphones for up to 45 additional hours.

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