Top 5 fighters I want in EA’s UFC

IIIIIIT’S TIIIIIME!.. Almost for the much anticipated launch of EA’s UFC. The EA team has slowly been releasing screenshots of confirmed fighters in the game, and they look phenomenal. Many of the fighters are whom you would expect like Jon Jones, Anderson Silva, and GSP. Others are welcomed additions yet not entirely surprising entries, like the retired hall of famers Chuck Liddell and Forrest Griffin. There has however been a pair of unlockable fighters announced that were a little outside the box in Royce Gracie and Bruce Lee. This is what got my wheels spinning in compiling a list of 5 fighters that I would like to see added to the first true “next gen” fighting simulator, EA’s UFC. I understand that there are many factors that would keep these guys out of the game, be it legal issues, or grudge with Dana White. This list is just for pure good fun and may serve as a guide for anyone looking for ideas for Create a Fighters.

5. Kazushi Sakuraba

ufc ea - 03

The Gracie Hunter himself, Kazushi Sakuraba, is a legendary Japanese mixed martial artist who earned his nickname in Pride FC by defeating Royce Gracie, Royler Gracie, Renzo Gracie, and Ryan Gracie. The embodiment of the warrior spirit in MMA, Sakuraba was a part of some of the most iconic Pride era bouts against some of the most violent mixed martial artists of all time. Wanderlei, Cro-Cop, Rampage, Arona, the list goes on. A man who would definitely be on the Mt. Rushmore of JMMA deserves his shot to join the ranks of EA’s UFC, especially given the addition of rival Royce Gracie.

4. Bas Rutten

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El Guapo makes this list easily. Back in the days of bare knuckle fighting, he was the King of Pancrase, became UFC champion, actor, commentator and overall badass. He was on the roster of EA’s MMA game a few years back, and was one of the most dynamic fighters of his time. One of the first mixed martial artists that took his decorated Dutch kickboxing credentials and fused them with top-level grappling skills. I can’t describe how much fun it would be to TING, BONG, and PANG the modern day UFC roster with this iconic fighter.

3. Brock Lesnar

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Although his MMA career was fairly short, not many fighters accomplished as much as Brock Lesnar did in as little time. One of the biggest Pay Per View draws in UFC heavyweight history, it was diverticulitis that caused his career to fall a little short. Regardless, a prime Brock Lesnar would make for some awesome video game match-ups. Let’s be honest, the UFC heavyweight division is often seen as the shallowest and the game can use all of the firepower it can get to make it more interesting. Give us a chance to re-write Brock’s history if he would have beat Cain Velasquez, or fought Alistair Overeem at 100% health.

2. Genki Sudo

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Genki Sudo is personally my most desired fighter to show up in EA’s UFC, and unfortunately the least likely to ever happen. The Neo Samurai has long since been retired, but in his time he was one of the most entertaining figures that the sport has ever seen. World class jiu jitsu, and striking that was so fluid it looked like dance. Genki is now the leader of a music group in Japan called World Order. From his music videos to his fight videos, just type his name into YouTube and prepare for hours of entertainment.

1. Fedor Emelianenko

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It would be impossible to get through this list without The Last Emperor as being #1. With his MMA base of Russian Sambo, he is one of the most mysteriously violent figures in MMA that many consider to be the best of all time. Fedor pretty much fought everywhere except the UFC and defeated a who’s who of the best heavyweights in the world across different styles (Big Nog, Mark Coleman, Cro Cop, Arlovski, Schilt). If you love MMA there is no way you would not want Fedor in the EA UFC game. Fedor vs. Cain is a match I would set the game to simulate and watch once a day, forever.

Honorable Mentions: Randy Couture, Mike Tyson, Ken Shamrock, Tito Ortiz, and Motivated BJ.

Who did I leave out?! I want to hear from you guys. Who is your list of five fighters you want in this game?

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