Justin Kurtzel set to direct Assassin’s Creed movie?


While geeks everywhere are salivating at the mouth due to today’s Star Wars casting announcement, another nerdy endeavor has some big news of its own. The highly anticipated Assassin’s Creed movie might just have found its director in Aussie filmmaker Justin Kurtzel.

Although Micheal Fassbender has been attached to the project for quite sometime, there has been little to no casting news regarding directors or other actors. Kurtzel and Fassbender most recently worked together on an adaptation of Macbeth, which also stars Talia Al Ghul’s Marion Cotillard.

If you love video games and Micheal Fassbender (pfft, who am I kidding, ‘if’) this is sure to be something worth waiting for. It will be interesting to see how much control Kurtzel will have over the movie, as the deal that Ubisoft Motion pictures originally signed with Sony two years ago would accord them almost full creative control. (New Regency and 20th Century Fox are now attached to the project.) Many in the industry where perplexed by the deal, and the amount of control Sony accorded to Ubisoft. One studio exec went so far as to say that “As a director, even Steven Spielberg cannot get this kind of deal.” (Spielberg’s studio, DreamWorkswas one of many studios to pass on the project.)

While there’s no trailer out yet or any word on what assassin or time period we will be seeing, I will leave you with one of my favorite gaming videos ever, featuring the (arguably) best Assassin character, Ezio Auditore, and music from French house powerhouse, Justice. Hopefully Fassbender and Ubisoft can deliver a movie to do the game series justice (see what I did there?), and change the ugly spectacle that is the video game movie.

Source: ComicBookMovie.Com, Vulture, Screenrant, boup0quod


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