Netflix’s Marvel series to be in Marvel Cinematic Universe


Netflix and Marvel are teaming up to give us a Marvel series starring Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones and Defenders. We reported on whether these Marvel shows will coincide with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now Joe Quesada has confirmed on the Kevin Smith podcast, Fat Man on Batman, that it’s happening.

“There will be some interconnectivity, much like the movies,” revealed Quesada. “They will exist within the cinematic universe again, so this is all the same world as S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers.”

He then goes on to talk about what kind of characters we’ll be introduced to, like street-level characters. I’m all for that, since I think it makes things more relatable.

“Although these are superhero stories, this is different now. This is the street level…this is the street level noir side of the Marvel Universe. Something that you haven’t really, really seen in any of our Marvel movies,” said Quesada. “And probably more ground level, than I think you’ve seen. This is not like us doing Batman, Dark Knight or any of that stuff. This is very Marvel doing street level superheroes.”

So what’s the status now on these shows? No one has been cast yet, as the scripts are still being turned in.

“The scripts are coming in. They are pretty fantastic. They’re really emotional. They’re very, very original. But at the same time, it is Daredevil. It is Matt Murdock. We will eventually, hopefully start casting really, really soon, but I’m very, very excited about it.”

As for Daredevil, fans should be happy that they are going to shoot the series in New York. We’ll get to see Hell’s Kitchen.

“We’re shooting in New York. That’s the fantastic thing about it is that we’re shooting at home. We’re shooting where these characters belong,” said Quesada. “These stories take place in Hell’s Kitchen.”

They are keeping it authentic. How authentic, Quesada describes that the set “smells of dark alley, vomit, and piss.”

Which series are you all excited for?

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