‘Let them fight!’ New trailer showcases Godzilla vs. Hokmuto

godzillaI think I need a clean pair of shorts after watching the new Godzilla trailer that was released today for the Asian market. This is easily the best trailer by far. It features many clips from other trailers we’ve seen before, but clips are now extended and showcase more of the movie and the epic kaiju battle that is coming. In fact, this is the first trailer that really seems to focus on the battle between Godzilla and the Hokmuto.

The trailer does kind of confirm an earlier report that Godzilla is somewhat the hero of the film. From the trailer you get a sense that no one really knows what to do about the Muto kaiju, and it seems that humanity’s only hope is that of the giant radioactive lizard.

It’s not entirely an original concept. Avid Godzilla fans know that this is not the first time Big G has been lured out to fight another monster. It should be interesting to see how the scenario plays out in Gareth Edward’s version.

Godzilla tramples into theaters May 16th. Look forward to our review on May 11th!

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