You Need This Art! – A HINT MINT Retrospective recap

Photo by Canton Photography

Photo by Canton Photography

Hint Mint in Los Angeles recently had a small exhibition for posting pieces from some of our favorite artists such as Audrey Kawasaki, James Jean, and Glenn Barr. If you don’t know what Hint Mint is, they make designer mints that are uniquely flavored. A while back they released limited edition artwork from these talents and printed them on the metal mint cases; they’ve taken then out of the vault again for us to purchase and/or admire. For more information, I suggest you visit their website at

The art gallery wasn’t a grandiose thing which was nice. It was quaint and took place at the iam8bit gallery. I personally prefer the small galleries like this since it makes it more intimate. Even though it was small, it did have a lot of pieces up from these wickedly talented artists:

  • Audrey Kawasaki
  • Lolo
  • James Jean
  • Owen Smith
  • Glenn Barr
  • Gary Baseman
  • Shag
  • E. Ipolani
  • James Denk
  • Doug Rogers
  • Alberto Toscano
  • Michael Ray Charles
  • Brandi Milne

Here are all the different pieces they had up. I personally really like James Jean’s illustrations. However, take a gander!

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