Optimus Prime’s new model and another black semi-truck Transformer much like Optimus. Who could it be? 


Update: We’ve updated the article with information about the other semi-truck below.

If you’ve been following Michael Bay’s version of Transformers for the past couple years, you’re most likely familiar with how they updated Optimus Prime. In the original 1980s Generation 1 version, Optimus Prime was the red flat cab-over truck that a majority of us are familiar with.


Then when Michael Bay rebooted the franchise, he took Optimus Prime and refitted him into a new Peterbilt truck painted with fire. A majority of the purists complained about this, but if you think about it, Optimus Prime needed to be re-invented and shown to a new generation. Whether you liked it or not, you gotta admit that Optimus is still a badass.

Edwards 'transforms' into blockbuster movie set
Tranformers 4 is now looming in the distance and the Peterbilt model that Michael Bay originally used has now been replaced with a custom Western Star Truck model. It’s still painted with the same flames to portray that it’s Optimus Prime. It’s a supremely modern looking truck, and I think it looks just as badass as when they used the Peterbilt model.


With the changes in Optimus Prime, you’d think there won’t be anymore trucks in the movie, but you’re wrong. There is one more truck in Transformers 4, and it is using the Argosy flat cab-over truck model. This new Transformer is using Optimus Prime’s old threads, and if you’ve been a fan of the original Generation 1 Transformers, this truck could be one of two Transformers. It could either be Optimus Prime’s long time friend and soldier, Ultra Magnus – shown here.

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Toy Version

Or it could be Motormaster, the leader of the Stunticons. Motormaster was a Decepticon in the original series. He also had the flat cab-over model, but looked more menacing – shown here.

In any case, we won’t know who this mysterious truck is until Michael Bay decides to release it or until we actually watch the movie. What’s your guess?


Ultra Magnus or Motormaster? Or…someone else?

Update: If you don’t want to find out the actual identity, then this is a potential spoiler. It was nice speculating, but Hasbro has confirmed that the Argosy flat cab-over truck is Galvatron during the 2014 New York Toy Fair.

Source: Live Trucking || Michael Bay

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