You can create the official Nerd HQ dance!

ROI-BOOMNerd Machine is on its last day of accepting donations to help support Nerd HQ 2014 and have announced some grand news on this final day. The Nerd Machine have created a So You Think You Can Dance type contest where the fans can submit a dance to become the official Nerd HQ dance. A 1-minute snippet of the official anthem has been released, which you can download for free on their site.

This official dance will be officially performed in July at Nerd HQ. You can enter this awesome contest for a chance to win a $250 coupon for Nerd Machine Merchandise, the credit of creating the dance, as well as bragging rights!

1. Choreograph your concept for the Nerd HQ Dance to the Nerd Anthem music.

2. Enlist other nerds to join

3. Shoot a one minute video featuring your concept for the dance

4. Submit your video to [email protected]

5. Submit it by May 31, 2014

Good luck! May the odds be ever in your favor.


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