Rise Kujikawa makes her debut in upcoming Persona 4 Arena Ultimax sequel


There’s been some rumors floating around, but publisher ATLUS has finally revealed the new character for their upcoming console release of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax will be none other than Inaba’s super idol, Rise Kujikawa! Christened as the “Total Pervert Idol”, Rise was added thanks to numerous fan requests, as mentioned by director Kazuhisa Wata. According to fighting game website, Shoryuken, Rise will be a zoning character with musical note projectiles. Originally featured as one of the game’s navigators/cheerleaders, Rise’s  new moveset includes fighting with her microphone and her persona, Himiko.

Much like the newest shadow characters of everyone, Shadow Rise will also make an appearance along with her own movesets.

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is set to drop on August 28th for Japan, and is scheduled for Fall 2014 in North America. Check out the debut trailer on the official ATLUS youtube!

Source: Shoryuken

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