Avril Lavigne’s ‘Hello Kitty’ isn’t racist, it’s just not good

avril lavinge

Avril Lavigne just released her new single and music video to Hello Kitty, a song about a pop-techno person’s obsession with Japan-based Sanrio’s Hello Kitty. Lavigne and her management company have been getting complaints that her video is racist and she is giving Asians a bad stereotype.

The video features Lavigne, wearing a cupcake tutu, singing and dancing with identical Asian robotic background dancers. She sing phrases “Arigato” and “Kawaii” and is served sushi and saki. The video was filmed in Japan and directed by a Japanese director. The song was written by herself, husband Chad Kroeger, David Hodges and Martin Johnson, but I could had sworn a 13-year old Hello Kitty fan wrote it.

While I have to admit, it’s a catchy song but it’s definitely not racist. Lavigne doesn’t pretend to be Asian or dress up in the traditional Asian garb. Instead, she is singing on the Hello Kitty phenomenon that is happening all over the world. A lot of people, of all ages, love Hello Kitty. The whole video is really showcasing Japanese pop culture. It’s no different from World’s Order’s music videos (which are epic). She isn’t also the first pop star to import Japanese dancers to her music. Remember Gwen Stefani and the Harajuku girls? So lay off on Avril Lavigne.

The thing people should be complaining about is how a girl who sang beautifully about heartbreak and growing up is now singing poppy songs like this. Hello Kitty is really catchy and will probably be stuck in my head for days. And, I already memorized the dance moves from the video… but honestly, it’s not musically good. Especially compared to what Lavigne has done before. I miss the alternative, deep Avril Lavigne that I could relate to growing up. “Why do you have to make things so complicated!?”

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