ASIMO is back and better than ever!

New York International Auto Show Holds Preview For Media

It feels so long ago when Honda first unveiled their little robot that stunned the world. After Honda’s amazing demo, it seemed like it would be no time at all before everyone had their own in-home robot. 14 years later and we are still living in a robotless future. Nevertheless, ASIMO came back into news recently because he’s got some new moves.

Honda held the presentation earlier this month during the International Auto Show in New York, showing off some of the new tricks ASIMO has learned. He can jump, run, and dance, and he now has five fingers on each hand. Honda showed off this new innovation by having ASIMO pick up a sealed container filled with orange juice, unscrew the top, pick up a piece of paper with its other hand, pour the juice and carefully set both cup and container back on the table. Each hand has force feedback sensors, which will help ASIMO understand just how much pressure he needs to use to effectively strangle you in your sleep.

One noticeable improvement from the earlier versions is that he seems to have gotten better at climbing up and down stairs. This could spell the downfall of humanity as we know it. The end is NIGH, people. Heed my warning!

Source: Mashable

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