It only takes two to take over the Netherworld – Etna and Flonne Nendroid review


I’ve been a Makai Senki Disgaea fan since the first game released for the PlayStation 2 (2003) under Atlus, and since then I’ve been hooked on the series and all the different installments, but the one thing the series never got were many figures and statues. There have been a few released in the past, but now Good Smile Company adds Etna and Flonne (Flon) to their line of Nendroids.


Etna is Nendroid number 356 and features three different interchangeable facial expressions which includes her cute face, extremely angry face and mischievous face. The interesting add-on for Etna are her removable skull earrings, which you remove and attach to the different faces. Etna comes equipped with a gun and spear as she readies to either shoot or slice through anyone in her way. So unless you want her angry, better stay away from her sweets!!


The Angel of Love and Justice enters as Nendroid 357. Good Smile uses Flonne’s Disgaea 1 appearance with her trademark white and blue outfit instead of the Fallen Angel form (which could hopefully be a future release). Equipped with a bow and arrow along with a staff, Flonne also comes with three interchangeable expressions: her surprised/confused face, fired up face, and her standard happy face.


Etna and Flonne both come with bases to stand on, which is normal for the Nendroid line. Inside the box there are also different arms and hand pieces, giving you different ways to pose.

If you never owned a Nendroid, switching out the different pieces can be frustrating at first, since the arms and hands are very tiny and small. Swapping the faces require you to remove their hair, sliding in the different expressions, and locking it back in (it is a lot easier to do for most figures, since the hair is two pieces). Nendroids are fun though, since you can use the pieces from your figure with other Nendroid figures as well.


Nendroids are great since they are very affordable (normally between $40-$50) and come in a great size. These are well designed and are great for fans. Now if only Good Smile would make a Prinny or Laharl Nendroid to add to the set.

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