Namco Bandai reveals Rise of Incarnate, a 2 vs 2 PC Fighting Game


There’s a new fighting game on the horizon from Tekken and Soul Calibur developer Bandai Namco called Rise of Incarnates, a free-to-play PC fighter. Instead of pitting one character against another, Players will fight alongside a teammate against 2 other opponents in a 2 on 2 fast-paced action on a 3D plane.

Set in the near-future, players can choose from characters that can summon the power of demons and gods. For example,  Dr. Gsaper Watteau, a mad scientist-like character, is able to wield the power of the Grim Reaper. There are a multiple of real world stages to fight in, like a destroyed New York City as seen in the trailer. With slick graphics and extremely fluid motions, it is definitely a cut above most free to play games.

Some will notice the similarities between this and SEGA’s third person brawler Anarchy Reigns. According to Game Informers, Namco adapted it’s highly successful Gundam Vs. series into a new IP that would appeal to a much wider audience. Gundam VS.’s Ryuichiro Baba is also an executive producer on Rise. As a huge fan of the Versus series, I think this is an interesting proposal to the both the fighting game crowd and the free to play sphere. Bandai Namco already has a free-to-play version of their flagship Tekken series, Tekken Revolution however it is only limited to Playstation 3.


Rise of Incarnate is currently taking sign-ups for its Alpha Test.


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