Is Naughty Dog in trouble? It seems so

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Wow, people are leaving Naughty Dog left and right. Okay, so that might be an over-exaggeration, but the fact that we have key people from the Uncharted team leaving within months of each other is alarming.

Yesterday it was revealed that actor Todd Stashwick was recast for the Uncharted 4 game. No reason was given as to why he is leaving, but he told IGN, “They chose to recast my role.” His voice was used for the narration in the teaser trailer that was revealed last year in November, and he was going to have a prominent role in the game.

It all started when Uncharted creative director Amy Hennig left Naughty Dog back in March. She was working as the lead writer on the unnamed Uncharted game for the PS4. Controversy surrounded this news because it was reported that she was “forced out“. Naughty Dog quickly responded that it was “unprofessionally misreported,” and that it was ruining The Last of Us‘ Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann’s reputation. Hennig is currently working with Visceral Games (Dead Space) to help on the new Star Wars game.

Within that same month, we heard Uncharted 4 game director Justin Richmond was leaving Naughty Dog to join Riot Games, the makers of League of Legends.

“I have in fact made the decision to leave Naughty Dog,” Richmond told IGN. “I love the company and the people and know that they will continue to create awesome games going forward. On a happier note, after careful consideration and exploration I have joined Riot Games. There is some really innovative stuff going on here that I can’t wait to be a part of.”

In the next month, IGN reported that Naughty Dog Art Director Nate Wells left the studio and is now with Giant Sparrow to work on Unfinished Swan.

Stashwick joins Hennig with Visceral Games to help co-write the new Star Wars game.

Since everyone is keeping quiet about the situation, we’re left with wondering what is happening inside the Santa Monica studio. One thing we do know for sure, this isn’t putting Naughty Dog in a good light. Let’s see if we’ll be getting news about the new Uncharted game once E3 hits in June.

Source: IGN

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